What is a Staff Intranet and what can it do for me?

In today’s day and age, we are in a workplace that isn’t just at the office any more and people don’t always work traditional office hours. And with this digital age comes a need for a place where your employees can all go to get all the information they need, when they need it. A staff intranet can hold all your work processes and information together in one place so employees know exactly where to go at all times. 

With a web-based Staff Intranet, employees can access the content from any device if you wish, or we can limit it to certain areas if you require. 

// Here are some key differences between a website and a staff intranet:

So why do I need a Staff Intranet when I have a website already?

Staff IntranetWebsite
Employees can interact with the data on the page Static information
These portals can have public and private pages that may require certain level of access Anyone can stumble across the information
Can integrate with many custom and third-party programs

So how much does it cost?

There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to our staff intranet, so we can really create something that will benefit your company, we sit down with you and create a custom proposal that not only works for your business but your budget as well. Here are some of the factors that may affect your cost: 

  • Whether you require a mobile application or not
  • Number of complex features 
  • Third-party integrations 
  • Regulatory requirements, dependent on your sector 
  • Complexity of intranet design & functionality 
  • Timeline of implementation
  • Performance, security & scalability requirements

So how can Webb Software help you build a Staff Intranet?

What our team can offer you

  • In depth consultation & planning 
  • Mobile app development (if required) 
  • Integration with third-party systems 
  • User training 
  • Post Launch Support 
  • Continuous portal management and development 


Easy access to all of your staff information, conveniently located in the one place

Improved employee experiences

Streamlined communication with employees

Stronger Employee Induction processes

Development Timeline

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