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So let’s start with the basics…. How can Webb Software help you?

Our servers are based in Sydney, Australia.  We run regular backups on our servers and keep them on rotation. Backups are very important for any website.  In the event of a website being hacked, we can restore your website to a previous clean version of the site.

We no longer offer standard HTTP websites. This is because of the Google and web browser changes.  As of 2017 both Google and web browsers will be showing HTTP sites as not secure.  This is why the only hosting package we offer includes an SSL certificate. 

SA Owned & Operated

Knowledge & Personalised Service

Secure & Reliable

Your Email Address shows the world who you are

Often we get asked why you should move your email address to us (or have a custom email address) instead of using their existing Hotmail or Bigpond email address. 

Simple, it’s more professional, it doesn’t take much for potential clients to mistrust and judge you, especially if you receive an email from something like bigpond, but if you have a custom email address, clients are more likely to trust you.

Another important advantage of hosting with a business like Webb Software is that you are less likely to be caught by spam filters. 

Setting up an email address is super simple, just contact Webb Software today and we can have you up and running in no time! We can also set up forwarders so you won’t miss out on any emails at all! 

Speedy Setup

Get up and running in minutes from our customer portal or by speaking to our experienced staff.

Latest PHP & MySQL

Our servers run the latest versions of PHP & MySQL, with strict security and firewall rules.

cPanel Backed

All of our accounts come with cPanel, making it easy for you to maintain your own site if you wish

Local Support

Our IT support team is on hand to assist with any technical issues or additional functionality like Office 365 or Google Workspace

Australian Servers

Our servers are based in the Equinix Sydney facility, a high grade datacentre with industry standard protections

Offsite Backups

In addition to customer backups we also include 3-times-a-day offsite backups at no extra charge.

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